Encounters Imaging Inking Customizing Reporting


Soap notes and charts the easy way.

You can tailor your charts to match your taste and medical specialty. Our charts are streamlined to capture information quickly. When you click the mouse to call up the chart of your next patient, you'll get complete, organized, easy-to read SOAP notes plus a complete history of symptoms, treatment and medicines that you have prescribed plus lab texts, x-rays and images.

You can fill in your personally tailored chart as you talk to the patient. At the end of the encounter, you click on a dropdown drawer and choose the correct codes for insurance, billing and accounting.

Your completed report of an encounter will be thorough, detailed and available to everybody in your practice who needs to see it. MDoffice logs in the time your patient entered to when he or she left, so you can know who is where, for what, and how long they have been waiting.